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Meet Alyson

Hi! I'm Alyson. I'm on my healing and wellness journey and have developed a passion for learning how to heal the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). I believe that the body communicates what it needs to heal and we just have to learn to listen! I've created this site to share my knowledge and experiences with others. 

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My Specializations

​I utilize nutritional and muscle response testing to design protocols to give your body the tools to heal. 

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What Clients Say

"I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19. I've struggled with having a natural period. I wanted to be off birth control and have a period without medical intervention. I also struggled with weight gain. I've talked to many doctors over the years with not much help. When consulting with Alyson she went in depth as to why I was struggling. Alyson tested what foods inflamed my PCOS and worked against me. Also with Alyson's help, she tested and found what herbs worked for me. In that same week, I got my period. Now my PCOS symptoms are currently well controlled."


“The energy body acts as a bridge connecting our physical and spiritual bodies.  In order for us to influence transformation of the body and mind, we must first learn to transform the energy flow.”