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My Story

I have struggled with multiple health issues including anxiety, depression, acne, chronic yeast and urinary tract infections, adrenal fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome. For these issues I tried every over-the-counter medication, all the advertised products that promised a solution, and visited multiple western medicine health care practitioners. Nothing seemed to work. In fact, the symptoms continued to get worse the more I tried. After finding no cures and only short term solutions to mask my symptoms, I decided it was time to make some major life changes. I started prioritizing self-care, cut out unhealthy foods and habits, minimized toxic products, and found some amazing alternative health practitioners that helped give my body the tools to heal. This journey has completely changed my perspective on health.  Now I know that the body is designed to heal itself and I want to share all the tools I've learned that can be used to support the body in healing and thriving. 

My background and first career was in Accounting. I worked in public accounting for 5 years and experienced enough stress to cause a wide variety of issues. I realized I didn't want to continue living that way and went to work in finance for a hospital. During this time, I received my MBA and moved into management. While my stress was much lower, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that this wasn't the right career. After finding my passion through my healing journey, I started Rooted Vitality. I'm currently working to get certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

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My Philosophy

​I utilize nutritional and muscle response testing to design protocols to give your body the tools to heal. My goal is to help each person learn to become more in tune with themselves, their body and their needs.

Background of Muscle Response Testing

Kinesiology, referred to as Muscle Response Testing (MRT), was developed in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, a Chiropractor. He developed a diagnostic system called Applied Kinesiology, which allowed muscles to be tested to diagnose or read certain blockages in the body and not just to determine muscle strength. Applied Kinesiology was derived from the ancient art of Acupuncture.

When a practitioner of MRT taps into your body’s system by testing a designated muscle, the muscle responds either ‘strong’ or ‘weak’; the brain’s way of saying ‘on’ or ‘off’. If a muscle proves weak during the testing of a problem area you have uncovered a relationship which may be a clue to something not optimally functioning.

My mission

The body knows what’s going on internally, what is needed and how to heal itself. It gives you symptoms to let you know whether it is happy or not. My mission is to help you listen to the signals your body gives you so you can begin intuitively taking control of your own health. 

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