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What to expect during your initial consultation

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The initial consultation session at Rooted Vitality is free! When you book online, you will be sent a zoom link so the session can be done in the comfort of your own home. We will have an hour allotted for this first session but the length really depends on your wellness, the issues you are currently experiencing and the questions you have.

The session will start off with a discussion around your health goals. I will document these in your chart so we can keep track of them and monitor your progress at each session.

Next I will go through and test your major body systems using muscle testing. This will identify what systems are operating optimally and what systems may benefit from a personalized supplement protocol. Once we have an understanding of how the overall body is functioning, I will test to see if there are any priorities or areas your body would like to focus on first. The goal isn't to overload the body with too many supplements, but rather provide the exact supplements needed at that time. Have you ever felt a little nauseous after taking supplements? This could be why!

Once we have the protocol determined, I will test how much of each supplement you need, optimal time to take the supplement, and for how long your body will need the protocol based on your bodies energy. This will indicate the ideal time for a follow-up session.

I will then go through and test certain foods in your diet. If you keep a food diary, have this available for your session and we can tailor the testing to the common foods you are consuming. Food is a great source of nutrition and the long term goal is to have your body receive what it needs from your diet rather than relying on supplements.

If you have any other personal care or household products you would like me to test, we will have an opportunity to test these at the end of the session.

Everyone's body reacts differently to certain foods, supplements, products, and chemicals which is why one protocol or product may be optimal for one individual but not for another. By utilizing muscle response testing we are able to personalize an approach to supporting and healing the whole body.

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